What's New at Primary Hub

Primary Hub Business Directory
The Primary Hub Business Directory is the fastest growing directory ever of it's kind! 2500 new eyes see it each day. It is the easiest search directory in which to achieve THE NUMBER ONE POSITION, just refer someone to this Business directory and you immediately jump to number one! The Premium directory is free to all Primary Hub clients and is only $197 per year to anyone who is not a client of Primary Hub.

Primary Hub Business Club
The Primary Hub Business Club is soon to be one of the largest international business networks. The PH Business Club is free to all clients of Primary Hub and all members of the Premium Business Directory. There will be local chapters in every city that has 500 members or more. The Primary Hub Business Club gives you access to better deals, more sales, and the ability to boost your business with new contacts, mentoring opportunities, and a great social scene among other things.

Future Club Meetings
Attention Phoenix chapter members: You are currently the fastest growing city. The first local Primary Hub Business Club meeting will be announced at a later date on this location. Dress will be business casual. Show up after work (starts officially at 6:00 PM and continues until 9:00.) There will be a cash bar, so come and have fun and be ready to talk business with many of the other business leaders in the Phoenix area. Note: If you are not a member of the Primary Hub Business Club, you are welcomed to attend once. Come and check it out and be ready for a fun time. New Hubs Primary Hub is launching three new hubs per day. These hubs are subject or geographically specific. You can request that a new hub be built by sending a request to suggestionbox@primaryhub.com