Primary Hub Announces - Free Marketing and Tech Training

Primary Hub Corporation is Finalizing Arrangements for New Training Programs.
Scottsdale, AZ, June 23, 2004

Primary Hub announces final preparations for launching two new free programs: “The Marketing Minute” and “The Tech Minute”. These online multimedia presentations are designed to educate clientele and their associated companies on how to grow rapidly as a company while avoiding common pitfalls.

“The Marketing Minute” will be delivered daily so that viewers can watch a concise presentation on how to better market their businesses online (with a spattering of offline marketing concepts as well). While any marketing is better than no marketing, there are some ideas which when used correctly will give an immediate increase in business.

“The Tech Minute” (also a daily program) is being created for two reasons, first to help combat the problems that are plaguing small business owners and costing them…big money everyday. Second, “The Tech Minute” will focus on positive programs and what people are successfully using to increase productivity and manage growth.

Both of these innovative programs will deliver the goods in one solid power packed minute of information so that viewers can get right to work and start doing something about the concepts as soon as possible. ALong with the presentations, follow-up pages will be available for the viewer who is interested in pursuing deeper information and getting more out of each session. Together these two programs should help every small business person really get their business to the next level.

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