How to know what supplements to take?

Written by Wendy Tarlow

These days, it seems like everyone's supplement cabinet is packed with vitamin and herbal supplements, pep pills, or the latest weight loss miracle pill. We have come a long way from taking a Once-a-Day Multivitamin--Now drugstores carry many different choices.

But do we need them?

What do we really know about those supplements we take diligently every day? Supplements have many health benefits, but they can also have huge drawbacks. I have remained a huge believer in getting most of my nutrients from fresh foods while remaining aware that there are major benefits to following herbal trends: boosting the immune system or balancing our increasingly growing stressful lives.

It really is simple:

  1. Weight Loss = Exercise, movement, eliminating toxic manufactured foods and sodas from our diet. It takes 30-40 minutes a day of walking, bike riding, kayaking, and running to keep your body from falling into sluggish decline.

  2. Strength/ Tone = Our bodies need to lift, step, bend, get up and out of a seat in order to maintain the lean muscle mass that is needed to have an efficient metabolism and a well working machine. It takes 30-45 minutes 3-4xs a week to accomplish maintenance for your body. To make sure that your lean muscle mass is not degenerating means that you must be disciplined and committed to your ultimate physical condition.

  3. Supplements = Adults and most kids need a multivitamin in their diets as well as added calcium/magnesium and trace minerals. One Clean Branded Supplement is really all you need unless your Doctor specifies otherwise. Your licensed physician should be prescribing, not yourself, not me (a fitness expert), not fitness magazines and not food stores.

I endorse one line of products called Shaklee Brand because they are a clean line of products and it is convenient for my clients to choose from. However, I do not push these supplements. If a client is adamant about taking something, I only advise choosing a supplement that is clean and pure.

Your safest bet is to listen to the recommendation of a licensed nutritionist or medical doctor. When asked for her stance on supplementation, *Valerie L. Lopez, licensed acupuncturist states,

“Supplements and herbs really need to be viewed in conjunction with existing medical conditions, prescription medication, nutritional habits, lifestyle, and overall objectives. Taking a single supplement to achieve a desired outcome without the required precursors is a wasted effort. Common sense is the best approach to supplementation. Getting direction from a qualified healthcare professional who can work with your goal or objective is your best course of action-they will be able to see the big picture, suggest the proper high quality supplements and herbs, and guide you there safely.”

At Fitness Together we stress all aspects of health. But aside from providing nutritional guidance and endorsing products that we have researched to be of good quality, we are not here to prescribe anything except exercise.

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