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The Dating Hub is here to provide you with the latest in dating ideas when you do not have alot of cash. Let's face it, we all go to movies on dates and have no problem spending $8 dollars a ticket and don't forget about the soda and popcorn. By the time you leave the movie you have spent nearly $30 dollars. What about the local steakhouse you were at 45 minutes earlier, a nice $50-75 dinner? Wow! So you had a fun movie and dinner night for only $80-$100 dollars. The Dating Hub is here to save your day. Below is a list of people who have shared their fun inexpensive dates that you can use to take your significant other out. Also we have compiled a huge list of free dates that will cost you absoultely nothing. Finally, we have put a day of fun events that you can do for under $30.00 that way you can afford to pay your other bills and still have a fun date night.

My Favorite Date was...

It was a beautiful spring day, with clear skies when he picked me up around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. He drove me to Scottsdale Civic Center, and laid out a blanket underneath a tree in the green grass. We sat and talked for about an hour eating a lunch that he had packed consisting of potato chips, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and soda's. We had a wonderful time lounging in the shade surrounded by people walking their dogs and families walking through the civic center. The food was wonderful, weather was perfect, and the conversation was comfortable and enjoyable. After finishing our lunch, we packed everything up and headed over to the free art galleries that are sporadically placed throughout the civic center. We walked through the art galleries for another hour, just enjoying each others company and admiring all of these artist's creative talents. It is really neat to hear another person's perspective on a painting because it could be completely different than yours. We had a wonderful date that consisted of some great quality time of getting to know each other and enjoying each other's company while spending no money at all. ~Amanda J.

Ask your significant other if he or she would like to join you at a local pizza place before or after a movie. Before the two of you have your meal, go to the restaurant personally, explain that you're coming in at a certain time for a pizza, and tell them you'd like them to make the pizza into the shape of a heart. I've tried this twice, and both times the cooks were more than happy to do it for no extra cost. Give the waitress a smile when you come in with your date, and she'll come over with your pizza. This is an especially good date to use on my girlfriend. I did not have much money but she really enjoyed it and thought it was cute.. ~Kelton S.

My girlfriend was taking me out for my birthday and she took me to this really nice park with a huge fountian that would spray really high in the air. The mountains were in the background and it was so nice. She then had a picnic set up there that her Mom had set up when we arrived there. I was very impresses how organized everything was. When we sat down my favorite Chinese food was sitting there along with my favorite drink. While we were eating the sun was going down and we had a very fun conversation. After that we went for a walk around the park. That night was alot of fun because she did not have to spend alot of money, but at the same time knew what my favorite food was and it was a fun night. ~Frankie D.

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Free Date Ideas

  1. Go to the park for a picnic and play on the playground.
  2. Make a couple of pans of brownies. Then drive to various friends' houses and deliver a brownie or two to each friend and visit for a while.
  3. When it becomes too late to be visiting people, go home and finish off the brownies.
  4. On a sunny morning, travel around the city and photograph special sites and pretty scenery.
  5. Attend a church function together that really help couples grow closer to each other.
  6. Go to the park and feed the birds. Take a bag of bread. Tell funny stories about growing up at the park.
  7. Go for a nice bike ride at sunset and enjoy the nice cool air.
  8. Make a craft together.
  9. Play a computer game together.
  10. Create a scavenger hunt and have your date end up where you are waiting with a nice candlelight dinner.
  11. Build a house of cards with a deck of cards. Make sure you have patience. It looks really cool when built.
  12. Make miniature smores with Golden Grahams, miniature marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Roast the marshmallow on a toothpick over a candle.
  13. List your date's best qualities in alphabetical order.

  14. Play a board game together and have popcorn why playing.

  15. Visit the local hospital ward for children. Spend time visiting and singing songs if you are musically gifted.

  16. Cars get dirty all the time, so take time to talk and clean your cars. Before you know it you won't be washing the car, but having a fun water fight.
  17. Go swimming in the pool and hot tub.

  18. Enjoy free live music, share a cup of coffee, and browse new titles at your local bookstore.

  19. Clean and Dust your room. Discover old picutres and laugh about them.

  20. Go look at open houses for sale and see the different yard layouts.

  21. Watch home videos of growing up. Then talk about all those fun memories.

  22. Cook a candle light dinner together.

  23. Watch a movie that you already own.

  24. Drive out to the desert and look at the stars in the sky.

  25. Go the public library and checkout a book to read.

  26. Go to happy hour somewhere (and eating the free food)

  27. Go to the beach for the day.
  28. Go fishing and catch a fresh dinner for two!

  29. Find loose change and go to a fountain and make wishes together.

  30. Go to the lake and bring rafts to float on.

  31. Go to Barnes and Noble and read together (helps you to see what your significant other is interested in)

  32. Make an encouraging card for a friend by cutting out words out of old magazines.

Active Free Dates:

1. Play Tennis
2. Go for a Hike. Do not forget to bring the water.
3. Play catch with a baseball.
4. Walk around a nice resort for some exercise and healthy conversation.
5. Walk around the mall and write a list of things you want to buy in the future.
6.Go for a jog around the park. 7. Go for a ride on rollerblades.
8. On a windy afternoon fly a kite.
9. Play a game of horseshoes.
10. PLaySofball catch
11. Play football catch
12. Volleyball
13. Frisbee
14. Kick the soccerball around
15. Yoga
16. Tai-bo
17. Aerobics class
18. Weightlifting
19. Rock Gym
20. Jump on a trampoline

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Here is a list of dates that won't cost you that much money and are a lotof fun too!

1. You could always do the old cook dinner at home and then go to the movies.
2. Buy nose bleed tickets to a sporting event then grab a hot dog and soda at the game.
3. Go to a local resturaunt that is not overpriced for a nice dinner and conversation.
4. Rent a movie from the video store and get some snacks from the grocery store.
5. Go to a concert
6. Murder Mystery Dinner
7. Go to your local store and buy a block of ice. Then go to a grassy hill and ice block down it. This can be fun for the afternoon until it melts. Then it is time for some hot choclate.
8. Go out to the grocery store and buy deserts to make. Go home make them and deliver them to family and friends.
9. Help feed some homeless people downtown.
10. Get your favorite chinese take out.
11. Go to the local state fair when it is in your town. They usually will have bracelet days where it is only $18.00 for unlimited ride for the whole day. Have fun!
12. Have a BBQ together.
13. Go to the local pottery store in your area and paint pottery for eachother.
14. Do a Progressive Dinner with a few other couples. First house, you all eat appetizers, second house you all eat salads, third house the main dish, and last house dessert.
15. Get on the Internet as a couple and find a place you have never been to in your state and make it a day trip.
16. Go for ice cream together. Try a differnt flavor for fun.
17. During the winter go to the snow and play.
18. Go to a local museum together.
19. Go to the Circus
20. Go to the Zoo

If you have a date that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear about your experiences.
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